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Sydney is a beautiful and wonderful place to live in. The only problem with it lies with its commute. I mean I totally understand that the commute to university or work can sometimes be a nightmare indeed. Why not dodge the peak hour traffic jams and escape the overcrowded buses and trains? Why not try riding an E-bike for a change instead?

An E-bike is literally the ultimate lifehack for students, as you can achieve all that while inhaling the fresh air riding to and from Uni/work on an electric bike.

Here are some of the benefits about riding an E-bike listed below that I would like to share with you:

Commuting Benefits

  • As a student, you won’t arrive for classes drenched in sweat and out of breath. Instead, arrive refreshed and relaxed without having the need for a change of clothes before your morning class.
  • If you drive to Uni, well, parking has just been made a lot easier. Imagine that, no more circling the block in search for a parking spot or pay for expensive parking. Just lock up your bike and go about your daily business. This is merely one of the numerous benefits of the E-bike.
  • In reality, an electric bike can sometimes beat the speed to that of public transportation. Thinking about it, this sounds like a great alternative to your usual commute.
  • Feel tired often when attending morning lectures, or dreading an early Monday morning exam? Wake yourself up with a refreshing bike ride. There is nothing better than the breath of fresh air to help kick start your day with a bang.
  • Or better yet, it is possible to do a bit of “sightseeing” on your commute to school or work. You might have never realized all this time that your daily commute all along has been so beautiful and peaceful.
  • However, there might be certain queries you might have, in regard to using an Ebike as your daily commute on a long-term basis, in which I will seek to address those concerns in this article in an Australian context.

Are Electric Bikes Legal to Operate in Australia, and in NSW particularly?

  • Prior to purchasing an Ebike, customers might first wonder if electric bikes are legal to operate within Australia. These rules and regulations are set by each state and territory. However, as I know of, in NSW, there are specific classes of Ebikes that are permitted on public roads and designated public areas. This includes the 250W pedelec bikes which are restricted in a way, so that the powered assistance is cut when travelling over 25km/h, and as long as they comply with the European standard N15194. The Mearth E-Bike Zero that I currently use is completely legal to use and operate in Australia.

Is a License Required to Ride an E-Bike?

  • The second most sought question that you might be thinking of is whether or not one might require a license to ride an electric bike. Well, fortunately in NSW, motor assisted pedal cycles with electric engines only, do not need to be registered if the maximum engine output is less than 250 Watts. When I bought my E-bike, no licensing or registration was needed. That being said however, the similar set of road rules for riding an E-bike, applies to that of regular bicycles as well (Riders are still required to wear helmets when riding at all times)
  • Moreover, if you’ve lost your license, an electric bike could be a great alternative option to get around with.

Financial Benefits

  • With inflation rates and opal fares on the hike, there is no better time to get your hands on your very own E-bike, and start saving on public transportation expenses.
  • If a car has been your preferred mode of transport, you can save money on the gas and fuel when using an electric bike.
  • Without having to deal with the issue of public transportation expenses and the cost incurred from petrol and car maintenance, you can save a lot more and certainly make your everyday commute a cheaper one. Electric bikes generally cost about a few thousand dollars, and the best thing about it, is that unlike for cars, there is no upfront cost to it and no hidden fees to worry about. What are dealer fees, taxes and insurance fees?
  • Parking is definitely one of the next big issues that pertains to cost saving advantages. In fact, there is not a single person I have met, that likes to have to pay for parking. I mean, who does? Parking fees however can get expensive for individuals who live in the city, especially if they are burdened by the monthly parking rent. Soon enough these ‘little’ costs would add up, making owning a car in the city to be quite expensive indeed. By owning an E-bike, you have the choice to bring it into the house with you for the night and not having to worry about parking. On top of that, not having to worry about and watching out for the parking meter when you are out running errands, pretty much eliminates the chance of getting a parking fine overall.
  • Why not generate an extra income stream? There are various companies out there that are looking for people or students just like you to help with the delivery of goods such as food, documents and others. Get part-time gigs with food delivery companies such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo. A single charge on an Ebike like mine would allow you to travel up to 40km in distance and up to a max speed of 25km/h and would roughly allow you to perform around 6-7 delivery trips, so I reckon that sounds pretty reasonable. Furthermore, the money you earn from this part-time gig could help pay off the bike. Once recouped your initial investment, the rest you pocket will be counted as profit.

Environmental Benefits of E-Bikes

  • Ever wondered about the amount of carbon footprint that public transportation and cars leave behind on a yearly basis. Well, the answer is, “A lot” indeed. Enough to degrade the environment and contribute to global warming through the accumulation of carbon dioxide over the years.
  • You might have expressed your concern over the adverse effects it might bring in the near future, and believe us, so have we. That’s why, hence the introduction of eco-friendly E-bikes, which leaves behind zero carbon footprint of any sort.

What better way than to get yourself a supercool toy that saves you money, earns you money, increases your fitness level, saves time on your commute and saves the environment at the same time.

Hope that I have managed to convince you in getting an E-bike. Regardless, thank you guys so much for putting up with my long post and for taking the time to read through it.


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