What Companies Make Cremation Equipment?

A wide range of cremation equipment manufacturers exists – more than you would expect. In part, this is due to the popular demand for cremation, as well as the latest technology developed to create fuel to heat efficient machines.

There are many manufacturers with excellent reputations in the industry. Remember, cremation isn’t only for humans and animals, but for hazardous waste disposal too. Each machine is manufactured to an industry standard and can be adapted to specific dimensions by demand.Equiement Correption

What’s more, the cremation equipment manufacturing Process is highly regulated and standardized demanding a robust manufacturing process, a quality assurance control system matched with a professional and efficient supply chain for distribution and maintenance.

Among the leading cremation equipment manufacturers today you will find such brand names as Carrier Mausoleums Construction (CMC), Bryant Crematory Service (CMS), Mathews Cremation, Cremation Systems Inc, and US Cremation Systems. These are just a few of the leading manufacturers of these systems.

The cremation equipment manufacturing process must consider design specifics that include easy maintenance access to replace parts such as thermostats, regulators, fuel release valves, and ceramic tiles. The outer body must be thermally insulated so the heat will not damage any adjacent equipment or pose as a fire threat. The fuel consumption design must be high efficiency with minimum residual effect on the environment. Additionally, the ceramic lining must be hard enough to withstand continuous use and cleaning.

Cremation equipment manufacturers consider customer efficiency, where time is key. Most modern technologies will cremate a body within two hours and cool down in half an hour, which means the overall process takes only 2.5 hours, which is extremely cost-efficient.

Maintenance and spare parts  

It’s not enough to buy the equipment; you will need access to efficient customer service teams that provide on-site maintenance and spare parts whenever required. Therefore, the leading cremation equipment manufacturers provide a catalog of spare parts, and support services via e-mail and on the phone.Manufactring Equiment

Installation and Warranty

The leading cremation equipment manufacturers provide a minimum 2-year warranty for their equipment. Some will provide installation assistance. All manufacturers will issue full installation guides, and you must make sure that you have planned your fuel feed lines, power lines, and exhaust system that suits the design you are purchasing. It is essential to decide which machine to buy before planning the space you intend to install the machine.


Cremation is a lucrative business, there are several leading cremation equipment manufacturers that build their machines in a modern, quality engineered, automotive style, and that is the kind of supplier you want.

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