Types of Financial Compensation under Workers’ Compensation

For workers who have sustained an injury at work, it is vital to hire an attorney to navigate the complicated world of worker’s compensation. When discussing workers’ compensation, it is important to keep in mind that there are many different types of financial compensation for employees based on the injury.

If your incident leads to a permanent disability that prohibits you from being able to perform your job and future career opportunities, you are entitled to two types of disability compensation.

Permanent Partial Disability

Workers who are determined to have a permanent partial disability (PPD) have a condition that is a lasting impairment that inhibits them from returning to work preforming the same job. Often this means they can only perform lower-paying work.

If you can no longer perform your regular duties due to injury but are still capable of working a modified lower paying job you are eligible for Permanent Partial Disability. With an injury that puts you completely out of your position, you are entitled to Permanent Total Disability.

Disabled Worker

An accident on the job that will only temporarily force you to claim financial compensation for employees is categorized into Temporary Partial Disability and Temporary Total Disability.

Temporary Partial Disability

If after a period of recovery, you will make a full return to work – with modifications – you are entitled to Temporary Partial Disability. A worker who is fully capable of returning to work after the sustained injuries heal is entitled to Temporary Total Disability under the law.

In the unfortunate case of death occurring in the workplace, the dependents of the deceased are entitled to compensation for their loss. If there are no legal dependents to claim compensation, then the deceased is allotted an allowance of up to $6,000 for burial services.

The types of disabilities mentioned above describe a few of Michigan’s programs that access employee’s compensation for workers. There are also workers’ compensation programs available for injuries sustained over a more extended period, second injury cases, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Compensation varies from state to state so hiring a worker’s comp law firm from your state will ensure you receive the most for your disability. Consulting a workers’ comp law firm today to discuss what types of financial compensation for employees are available to you will make sure you do not lose out on what you’re entitled to.

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