Tips to Find the Best Landscape Design Contractor for Your Home and Garden

Landscaping your home can be a major task, though it looks minor it takes huge efforts to achieve the landscape design that will not only suit your home and its aesthetics, but also your family’s personality. We at Sheetz Landscaping understand how significant it is to decorate and create a unique landscape design for your home and hence, we give you our best services that will cater to all of your landscape design dreams.


Landscape DesignFor getting the best results for your garden, a spectacular landscape design is needed, and for this, you will require the best landscape design contractors. Here are some tips for you to choose a landscape design contractor for you to have your happy place:

  • Decide what kinds of a landscape design do you really want in the first place. Gather all kinds of information, images and design ideas to make sure you outdoors will always stay your happy place. You can take help of the internet, various magazines, garden images of other people that you like, etc.
  • Prepare a list of landscape design contractors in your area. Rely on previous works that you like, or maybe word of mouth and referrals. Narrow down your list to a couple of landscape design contractors that can transform yours outdoors into the garden that you have always dreamt of, like magic.
  • Once you have narrowed down your list to a couple of landscape design contractors, you must make sure the one landscape design contractor that you are choosing for your outdoors is a licensed designer/ contractor. Not only licensed, the contractor must have provisions for insurance if something goes wrong.
  • The contractor that you will hire must have adequate experience in the field of landscaping. Their work must speak for them and not the other way around. Check out a reference list of work, if they have any. Or rely on word of mouth or the gardens of the people you know and you like. But just trust experience when it comes to building a garden of your dreams.
  • Make sure to check on every item of the contract agreement between yourself and the landscape design contractor. All the important terms and conditions must be met and discussed properly, the cost of the landscaping must be discussed in advance and be fixed in the said contract. Be sure to check your contract agreement twice before signing it.
  • Ensure that the material your landscape design contractor chooses for landscaping your outdoors is a good quality material, which is able to thrive in the long run. No matter what material it is, plants or non-plants, it must be a quality material which can go with your garden in the long run.
  • Talk about warranty and warranty period beforehand with your landscape design contractor. God forbid, if something goes wrong after the landscaping has been completed, it must be covered under the warranty period otherwise you will have to cover all the costs.

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