Sports Injuries: How Soon Can I Get Back to Playing?

For the avid player, a sports injury can be both a major annoyance and a setback for your performance goals. And, in the modern world where sports are central to our lives, an injury can be frustrating, and the foremost question on your mind might be: When can I return to playing?

But rest is key to treating a sports injury. If you return to your game too soon, you risk worsening the injury which might develop into a long-term problem, making your return a distant thing.

Speeding up Recovery

Indeed, there are some things you can do to speed up your recovery time with some sporting injuries:

  • Work out correctly – warming up effectively, using good posture and technique, and working within your boundaries will help reduce the risk of common sports injuries
  • Be in tune with your body – listening to any warning signs or twinges of pain that signal an injury is developing will help you recognize when to rest to prevent serious injury
  • Treat minor injuries directly – using basic first aid (ice and bandages) to treat small injuries incurred will reduce inflammation in the first instance, making a recovery speedier!

For some injuries, however, recovery may not be so straightforward or swift. While some injuries are minor, some injuries can have long-lasting effects unless treated properly.

For serious injuries, such as ligament damage, professional care should be found as soon as possible.

Tailored Advice

A sports injuries doctor can provide specific; individualized advice helps you fully recover. Chiropractors can also design a treatment plan based on your body and physique.

Instead of depending on medication to treat the immediate cause of pain, chiropractors and sports injury doctors will locate the underlying issue and cause of your injury. From there, they can develop a plan that suits your needs to aid full recovery along with a greater understanding of your own body.

Know Your Body

Regardless of the level of your injury, stay in tune with your body and recognize any pain that returns. You should also ease yourself back into sports by ensuring that, to begin with, you do not attempt to play at full capacity as that would risk re-injury.

Take care when playing sports, stay in tune with your body and, if an injury does arise, seek the professional care.

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