An ITAM data analyst is a professional job that is very interesting. All that one is required to do is to be able to maintain and also come up with policies which involve the IT equipment, both the hardware and the software too. For this position, the candidates are expected to possess the following skills and capabilities

Good skills that are likely to enhance reporting of data. Also, expert business purpose with clear report is mandatory. They should also have a good understanding on the SQL server, Access packages, Excel and the mostly used discovery tools which are the RADIA, EDS and the SCCM.

The applicant must also have deep knowledge and understanding of the ITAM business. This also goes hand in hand with having knowledge with the life cycle of assets and the management process of the ITAM too.


The responsibilities of this profession include the following:

Working hand in hand with the managers in coming up with policies that are able to provide a good environment for delivering better services that will ensure maximum benefits.

Having the sole responsibility of having to represent all the initiatives, policies and the tools that are important and necessary in ITAM data management. This is a very importab task.

Coming up with new ways of documentation and support, especially the policies to ensure that the IT is always up to date.

Doing all the responsibilities required such as analyzing and auditing of ITAM data.

Doing all the research in the necessary field and industry to ensure that everything is up to date

Making sure that only the best practices are implemented that will promote the best of ITAM.

Supervises and deals with the auditing and review of the ITAM data. Also, making sure that the information reconciles well and correct that which is otherwise.

Has the responsibility to identify new opportunities that come up and improve the customer service for a better and improved performance.

Making sure that the security is good and always maintained.

As per the knowledge and skills required for this position,

One must have done a degree in computer science or a related IT course, and better still an experience of about 5 years in the field.

Must have good knowledge and able to perform architecture and design.

Should be good in most of the design frameworks such as ITIL BMO and many more relevant others.

Being able to handle data management very well. This comes with having deep knowledge in data management which can be acquired through a short course in data management skills.

The ITAM data analyst is a very good profession that requires highly skilled personnel who possess the listed skills above. In addition to that, it requires other abilities which are, mostly related with the IT sector in order to handle the job at hand. The personnel also have the sole responsibility of analyzing hardware and software in an organization. They act as a bridge between their clients and sales opportunities available in the market. The chdbes taking place in the industry demand new and innovative technology responses. This ll go along way in enhancing service delivery.


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