How to Repair a Cracked Auto Glass in Flagstaff, AZ?

There are all sorts of things that can happen which can cause glass on your vehicle to become cracked, especially while you’re out driving. One minute, you’re simply minding your own business and paying attention to the road in front of you, then the next minute, you’re suddenly met with something extremely small hitting your car’s windshield that ends up causing a crack in it. What’s worse is that this is something that you definitely didn’t see or expect coming your way, as now, you’ll eventually have to get the entire windshield replaced, which means dealing with an auto glass shop and being without your car for at least a day or two while they get their work done. Even worse is the possibility of having to pay higher insurance premiums.

Or does it?

Thankfully, there are ways that you yourself can fix cracked auto glass without having to worry about dealing with a glass repair shop, as long as you get the process started as soon as possible. Here are some of the most basic steps to take that you should make note of to quickly and easily repair cracks that appear in your auto glass, most notably in your windshield.

  • Visit a local Flagstaff, AZ retailer and browse the auto parts department for a windshield crack repair kit. You can also find similar kits at various auto parts stores in the area. It’s important to note that the directions for these kits somewhat vary; however, the general outcome is the same.
  • Once you’ve found a kit that you want to work with, ensure that your entire windshield is completely dry and somewhere near room temperature. This is absolutely essential in order to use most auto glass repair kits.
  • Open your kit and remove the pre-cut adhesive strip and syringe. Peel off the film on one side of the adhesive and center it over the chipped area of your windshield, making sure that you then burnish the adhesive with either a blunt object or the back of your thumb to help firmly put it into place. Then, peel the remaining film off of the adhesive and position the plastic adapter so that it is as vertical as it possibly can be and attach it to the adhesive.
  • Remove the cap from the syringe and attach it to the adapter. Then, grab the syringe with one of your hands to help keep it stable and, with your other hand, pull the syringe’s handle out as far as it will possibly go. This will cause a vacuum in both the syringe and the crack that’s in your windshield, which will make the air in the crack bubbles go up through the adhesive and into the syringe while, at the same time, the adhesive itself will go down into the glass and the chipped area of the glass.
  • Release the handle abruptly. This will literally force the adhesive to go down into the crack, as the handle will essentially slam down. Repeat this process approximately half a dozen times, as this will force the crack in your windshield to become full of the adhesive.
  • Once you have finished, remove the syringe, adapter, and adhesive sheet from your windshield. Chances are there will be an adhesive film on the glass, but this can easily be removed with a touch of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. However, you will need to leave the adhesive that is located right above the crack alone for a few hours while it cures. After it cures, simply use a single-edged razor blade to shave it off.

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