Five Reasons to Be Suspicious of a Sleazy Sewer Repair Scam


Of all issues or problems concerning plumbing, damaged sewer line is one of the worst. Sewer problems include bad smell from your drain(s) which cause insanity and overflowing toilets. You need a professional plumber to solve this problem but you also need to be keen and less desperate when looking for a skilled plumber. You could easily fall into the hands of a sewer repair scammer. One thing you should know is that Sewer repair scams never end since these scammers are everywhere. You should be able to identify and escape the trap these Sewer Repair Scammers. Here are five signs or reasons to suspect a Sleazy Sewer Repair Scam listed below.

Phony Videos That Were Actually Recorded Before

The plumber might use this kind of scam where shamelessly he plays you a video with what looks like ironclad proof that your sewer line is seriously damaged. The video you will actually be shown is most probably someone else’s problem. The scammer is trying to trap you with a pre-recorded video so that you may think that there is a huge problem with your sewer line.

Overcharge Prices.

Replacement or some repairs of sewer line is quite expensive but some plumbers who are scammers will more likely overcharge you for the job. They will make you think that the job was not that easy or the repairs are too expensive even if it was a simple task. Scammers will do anything to steal money from you indirectly claiming that they offer professional service. When the charges exceed the top estimated charges and maybe the bill is climbing to a five-digit number, give it a second thought.

Cutting Tool Confusion.

There might be roots in your sewer line that is clogging it. This is a common problem that happens but a solution can be offered. If the professional plumber says and insists that due to the roots your sewer line needs to be replaced, please contact another person first. He may be claiming that his blade cannot cut the roots clogging your sewer line. Make sure he uses a 3-inch to 4-inch blade for cutting. If he cannot handle this then look for another plumber.

Right Tools but Wrong Job

The plumber or contractor may strike a deal worth thousands of dollars for a heavy equipment job but his workers show up with only shovels and other tools not for the job that was to be done in your sewer line. Also the job may be completely done within a fraction of the promised time.

Unnecessary Sewer Line Replacement.

You may get a plumber to come and repair what seems to be sewer fault like sewer line clearance and then a catastrophe strikes from nowhere. He starts claiming that there is a huge problem that he has identified, claiming that there is need to fully replace the sewer line. The plumber may insist that the replacement must take place even if there is a simpler alternative solution for the same problem. When in this kind of situation try reaching another professional plumber before agreeing to the first one who most likely may be a scammer who wants to do an additional work for more payment.

In conclusion, the above are the signs of scam you should be aware of when in need of a professional plumber to come and do some repairs to your sewer line. You should be ready to ask serious question and expect answers or else call the authorities.

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